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Originally launched in 1994 by the founder of the Hard Rock Café, Hype Energy was heavily involved in motor-sport in its early years; first by sponsoring the Arrows Formula One team and subsequently Benetton F1, Williams F1, a NASCAR outfit and several motorbike teams. Associated with the Formula One party lifestyle and with a strong presence in the paddock, Hype Energy committed huge funds to sponsorship in order to achieve global recognition and establish worldwide distribution.


In 1997 Bertrand Gachot, former F1 racing driver, signed a distribution agreement with Hype Energy drinks with a view to introducing the products to France. Bertrand was one of a handful of distributors who remained seriously committed to the brand and in 1998 he approached the Swiss licensor to buy the company holding the Hype Energy trademarks..


In 2000, Hype Hyped up: Bertrand came to an agreement and restructured the company. By then Hype Energy had four products in its portfolio: Hype MFP with a strawberry and cranberry flavour, Hype Energy Morning Rush with a citrus flavour, Hype Purple Granadilla Attack with passion fruit and Hype Night Boost with peach.


Markets change, people change, the world changes. Something Hype realises very well. In order to be up to date with the latest trends, designs and flavors, the company launched a new version of Hype Energy into selected markets. 18 Months of hard work resulted into an even tastier, healthier and overall better Hype Energy Drinks. Using fresh fruit juice, 10 vitamins and no artificial colors or preservatives, Hype did the impossible: improve what was already perfect. It was first launched in France, a daring but rewarding move. It didn’t take long for the Persian Gluf, USA & Canada to follow. Hype went worldwide.


Standing out is what we want, don’t be the same, be yourself! Hype Energy Drinks keeps on improving and todays Hype Energy Drink range comprises of the powerful Hype Energy MFP, the zero calorie Zero Max, the low-calorie Hype Energy Enlite, the berry blasting Hype Energy UP, the Hype to go Energy Shot and our newest flavor, Hype Energy Mojito. Hype Energy drinks are available in over 45 countries worldwide, didn’t meet the family yet? You will soon. The Hype is coming!


Hype Energy Drinks are like no other energy drink out there. Crafted in the best flavor houses of Europe and cared for by a close team of hyperactive people, Hype has continuously been updating its drinks to match your needs. By listening to the consumers we have been growing since 1994 to become one of the best tasting quality Energy drinks in the world.


When the going gets tough, grab an MFP and keep on going! We designed this drink to deliver you maximum power when you need that extra energy! With a soft flavor, smooth after taste and 5 essential vitamins we bring you all you need, here comes MFP, here comes MORE … POWER

What more would you want than the taste of summer on your lips and the refreshing scent of mint! Our great tasting Mojito assures you just that, every time! Say goodbye to ever-changing mojito’s say hello to our everlasting Hype Mojito



2 parts apple juice
1 part lemonade
1 part ginger ale
2 parts Hype Energy MFP
Slices of lime
Ice cubes

Garnish: Add a slice of lime and some mint leaves and get ready to amaze your friends! Throw some ice and slices of lime into a jug, splash some apple juice, lemonade and ginger ale in the mix and top it up with Hype Energy MFP. Stir your blend and pour it all out! Preferably in some serving glasses! Garnish with mint leaves and a slice of lime to make your drink picture perfect!